Top 7 Attractions in the Beautiful Nassau

Swimming PigsIf you are looking for a holiday destination having miles of pristine beaches, with silky white sand and clear water, and ample sunshine, try Nassau this time! And the delightful Bahamian capital is not just about beaches and sunshine; it has got a lot more for tourists of every kind. There are lovely gardens, astounding national parks, art galleries and an amazing social life.

1. Beaches


Head towards the Nassau Paradise Island, just off the shore of Nassau, for splendid beaches of every kind, whether serene and secluded or bustling. This is a paradise of snorkeling enthusiasts with its ample colorful coral reefs. Not to mention a wide range of water sports including windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing and deep sea fishing. If you are looking for a lot of sunbathing, these beaches are just right for that.

diving in Nassau

2. Swim with Pigs


One of the most popular water activities at Nassau is swimming with cute pigs! The swimming pigs are adorable and they love tourists too. The tour takes you through the stunning Exuma Cays with stops at the various beautiful spots, including the Bahamian Rock Iguanas, Big Major Cay (also called ‘Pig Beach’) which is home to the Swimming Pigs, Staniel Cay Yacht Club, beaches and sandbanks, and Northern Exuma Cays.

Swimming Pigs

3. Blue Lagoon Island


The stunning Blue Lagoon Island which is also called Salt Cay is a must-see private island that features a fantastic lagoon, superb beaches and a whole lot of activities for the entire family. The journey towards the island from the historic harbor of Nassau in itself is quick, easy and enchanting. Along with an array of activities, mind-blowing nature, bright-colored tropical birds and coral reefs, the island offers you viewing of dolphins and sea lions.


4. Ardastra Gardens


Established by the Jamaican horticulturist Hedley Vivian Edwards in 1937, Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre was the first ever zoo in the Bahamas and today has more than 200 animals. Spread over more than four acres of lush green gardens, the zoo has a great range of mammals, reptiles and birds, including the Caribbean flamingo, the endangered national bird of the Bahamas.


5. Arawak Cay


If you are looking for an authentic way of Bahamian way of life, Arawak Cay is the place to go. Popularly known among Nassau residents as “The Fish Fry”, it will offer you true relaxation with a delicious Bahamian meal, beer and chatting with the locals. The Cay is full of true Bahamian restaurants serving traditional fare and colorful tropical drinks. Don’t forget to enjoy the famous ‘fried cracked conch’ along with other seafood delicacies like grilled shrimp, fried snapper and lobster trails.


6. Clifton Heritage National Park


The astounding Clifton Heritage National Park is spread over 208 acres and was established in 2004. Located at the westernmost tip of New Providence, the Park showcases the cultural and historical legacy of the African civilizations, the Lucayans and the Loyalists, along with picturesque natural landscapes including sandy beaches, rocky shores, coastal wetlands and ancient dunes.

Adventure-lovers have a lot to do here including hiking, wildlife- and bird-watching, snorkeling and swimming. The Park also has a lot of interesting spots like historic stone walls, buildings and ramparts like Johnstone Well, Clifton’s Stone Wharf, the Great House and the limestone passage of the Stone Steps.

Nassau Castle

7. National Art Gallery of the Bahamas


Housed in the historic and recently restored Villa Doyle, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas was built in the 1860s and is home to the National Collection of Bahamian Art. While the main focus of the collection is on Bahamian artists, you can also see exhibits of sculptures, paintings, ceramics, textiles, photography and other arts of the late 20th century.

These are only a few from the endless list of Nassau attractions which are unique like the Swimming Pigs. So, I hope you have started planning your vacation to this heavenly island!

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