Top 8 Things to Do in Japan

bullet trainHave you chosen Japan as a holiday destination for your next tour? You have taken a fantastic decision. Japan is incredible! The little country with little yet very sweet and humble people makes you realize what man can do while fighting with natural as well as manmade calamities. Japan is a country of industrious people and prosperity is seen everywhere. But it’s accompanied by simplicity, hospitality and humbleness, which is why Japan is at the heart of every tourist.

Things you must do in Japan are unlimited and just impossible to describe in this short article. But we enlist only a few to give you a feel!

1. Visit Mount Fuji

Yes, of course, if you go to Japan and don’t visit Mount Fuji, you will be laughed at! The iconic furious volcano is registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Mount Fuji

2. Visit Arashiyama Monkey Park

There’s probably no human on the earth who is not amused with monkeys. In the Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto, you have a lot of scope to play with these cute buddies and feed them. Around 120 monkeys are residents of this park, along with deer and many wild birds.

3. Don’t Miss a Bullet Train

As it is essential to visit Mount Fuji, it is also essential to ride the world-famous bullet train, aka Shinkansen, while you are in Japan. This amazing train rides at the speed of more than 200 km/hour and it boasts of meeting with no accidents! You may belong to any country, e.g. Australia, you can buy JR Pass in Australia, and enjoy all the wonderful Japanese trains!

bullet train

4. Visit Akihabara

Japan is famous for many things, but one of its most famous features is its electronics and Akihabara in Tokyo is the Mecca of Japanese electronics. Enjoy the colors of “otaku” culture for which the electric town is famous.

5. Play Pachinko

If you are a bettor-sort-of, give the Japanese slot Pachinko a try! Instead of chips, you will get silver balls which you can convert into cash, and the balls will be fired from a gun and you have to collect them in specific slots. It’s a lot of fun without a big cost.

6. Enjoy Hanami

Another must-do in Japan is Hanami – the cherry blossom viewing! It’s usually from March to April. It’s a great thing to enjoy Hanami along with your friends and also enjoy eating and drinking.

cherry blossom hanami

7. Watch Kabuki

If you love old traditions, you must watch the Japanese traditional drama entertainment, Kabuki. UNESCO has also registered this as a cultural heritage.

8. Visit Forts and Temples

Japanese architecture is unique because of the typical roofing called pagoda of the monuments. Japan has castles that are more than 400 years old, but still in pretty good condition. Also, Japanese temples are mostly ancient and are extremely peace-giving with the structure itself as well as scenic surroundings with gardens and ponds.

Japanese castle

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