Top Malta Attractions which You can Truly Enjoy by Renting a Malta Property

visit MaltaIf you are planning to spend this vacation in Malta, your decision is perfect because this Mediterranean island is loaded with attractive places of interest.

Renting a Property in Malta

Rather than booking a hotel or similar accommodation in Malta, renting a property there is a smarter option. There are myriads of properties for rent in Malta and they are of various types so that you can definitely get something or the other of your choice. Renting such a lavish property full of amenities allows you to take full pleasure of the beautiful island and enjoy the privacy that a hotel cannot offer. You can cook meals of your choice and feel at home.

Properties for rent in Malta


Valletta is the capital of Malta that regularly hosts plays, concerts, street events and exhibitions. The Museum of Archaeology is a must-visit because of its great collection of prehistoric artifacts. So also, a Sunday military parade in period costumes at the War Museum at Fort St. Elmo is something you shouldn’t miss. Also you can’t afford to miss the Grand Master’s Palace and St. John’s co-Cathedral.


Slice of 7,000 Years of History

Malta has a rich history of 7,000 years and so, there is an endless array of sites here. These include underground catacombs, megalithic temples, forts and churches and you shouldn’t miss them. You can enjoy them through interactive tours and multimedia shows.

church of st mary magdalen

Rabat and Mdina

Rabat is home to the Museum of Roman Antiquities and several other interesting sites. Right next to Rabat is the fortified medieval city of Mdina that hosts the Cathedral and its museum. If you want to take an unforgettably charming experience, take a stroll on the lamp-lit streets of Mdina at night. Another great attraction is the bastion that offers a stunning view and Fontanella Tea rooms which serve the renowned chocolate cake.

Rabat Cathedral

Arts and Culture

If you are a lover of arts and culture, Malta can be a feast for you because it has an endless array of art centers, museums and more. Don’t miss the impressive collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Caravaggio’s Beheading of St. John at St. John’s co-Cathedral and the collection of antiques at the medieval Palazzo Falson in Mdina. Also enjoy the more contemporary work at the St. John’s Cavalier Art Center.

malta architecture


In addition to modern sites, Malta has got an utmost charming countryside. Don’t miss the delightful villages and enchanting folklores; especially visit the open-air market outside Valletta, fishing hamlet of Marsaxlokk or the IT-Tokk market in Victoria, Gozo, on Sunday mornings.

malta popeye village

And there is still much more! If you rent a property here you can enjoy almost all the Malta sites at your own pace and can truly enjoy your Malta vacation.

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