Top Things to Do in Northern Vietnam

simple smiling people of vietnamWith simple and smiling people wearing typical conical hats and lots of natural beauty, Vietnam presents itself as a destination every tourist must visit at least once in life. Having a rich history and culture, the country is adorned with ancient temples and other structures. Life in Vietnam is amazing! You may come here on a short holiday but will feel like settling here forever! Here are only a few top attractions in the northern part of this wonderful country.

Cruising in Halong Bay

Halong Bay has been chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Book a beautiful traditional boat and enjoy the amazing natural beauty of this area. The cruise allows you to enjoy kayaking, swimming and even cycling. Relish the traditional Vietnamese food and seafood barbecues while the boat takes you through countless limestone karsts and islets; enjoy walks through mysterious caves and a pearl farm too.

halong bay cruise

Hiking in Mount Fansipan

While being in Vietnam and in Sapa, you can’t afford to miss the amazing Mount Fansipan. And if you are fond of and used to trekking, hiking etc, hiking in this beautiful mountain is quite easy for you. If you are fully fit, you can do it even in one day, but camping for a night or two is recommended to make the most of the tour. The trail is quite easy and there are lots of flat parts; so, you need not be hiking all the time.

delicious Vietnamese food

Sampan Trips

Sampan is a wonderful traditional Vietnamese river boat that can give you an authentic private cruise experience. The boat has every amenity including bathroom with lavabo, shower, wc, etc. This luxurious vessel will take you through the numerous canals and rivers, to get close to and enjoy the company of locals.

sampan tour

City Life of Hanoi

Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, has got the typical city hustle-bustle; but it has something of its very own which makes it interesting. Enjoy the numerous museums and markets here. Don’t miss to take rides on Kamikaze motorbikes. Also visiting Hoan Kiem Lake is essential to enjoy watching locals while exercising. Hanoi is famous for its café culture, so, enjoy sipping a coffee which is half-coffee-half-condensed milk, in one of the street cafés.

hanoi flower market

These and many more amazing places are waiting for you! Viet Bamboo Travel Corporation offer wonderful Vietnam travel deals that make your experience unforgettable. Don’t let the chance go, catch it and make the most of it!

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