What You Should Know about Belize Secret Beach

Belize Secret BeachHave you heard of Ambergris Caye, Belize? Whether or not you haven’t, you will certainly find it interesting to know that this is a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling and plenty of other water sports, and the Great Blue Hole. While it’s not known for having excellent beaches, there is one undiscovered beach that can give you heavenly peace and eternal beauty – it’s rightly named as Secret Beach!

Belize Secret Beach is a place to relax and soak the Caribbean sun, sipping a drink. Here are some tips to enjoy this lovely beach the most.

How to Get to Secret Beach?

Renting a golf cart for a day is the best way to get to the Secret Beach. You can even go there by a boat for which there are two docks. You will have to ask around the town to locate the beach by water.

Renting a Golf Cart

Many shops in San Pedro (the main town on Ambergris Caye) offer daily/hourly rentals. It takes around 45 minutes to reach the beach which is out of town. Confirm that the tank is full because if you get stuck in the midway, you will have to walk back to the town and there’s no help available at the Secret Beach. You may also get confused with the paths/roads reaching the beach. Get directions from the golf cart rental or your hotel.

Bear Bumpy Roads

If you stay at San Pedro, you can know you are heading in the correct direction if you get a small toll bridge; make sure to carry enough cash to cover the toll. Around 5 minutes down the road, the pavement becomes gravel, and then it becomes bumpy.

At Secret Beach

After reaching the Secret Beach, you may wonder by not finding sand! This is not a typical beach. A small strip of sand runs along the shore. If you want to look at some rays out of the water, it’s good to lay out on one of the docks. A covered and an uncovered dock are available.

What makes this beach amazing is the water! Clear, waist-high, aquamarine water spans at least a football ground along the coast and out to the sea. You can walk up to several meters and still are able to touch the velvety bottom which tickles your toes smoothly!

The best part of the beach is that it’s really secret and therefore truly serene.

If this description has aroused a great interest in you to visit the Secret Beach, why not consider it as your next holiday destination? You’ll thank yourself for doing that!

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