10 Most Amazing Attractions of Savannah Georgia You Can’t Afford to Miss

Savannah skylineIf you want to spend this holiday at a place where you can enjoy a modern city with an enchanting past, a mix of urbanity and rusticity, the southern hospitality and a true feeling of relaxation, visit Savannah in Georgia. As such the list of attractions in Georgia is endless, but we have found top 10 for you.

1. Tour to Savannah’s Historic District

Established in 1733, the Savannah Historic District has been commendably maintained till date and is a National Historic Landmark. The old squares, grand Greek, Georgian and Gothic Revival buildings and mansions, fountains and parks are so charming that tourists take pleasure in just strolling through them. Some of the most popular buildings and mansions are the 1818-built Owens-Thomas on Oglethorpe Square, the Teach Institute (the first black school in Savannah) on East Harris Street and the Gothic Revival Greene House on Madison Square.

2. Forsyth Park

If you want to calm your eyes and soul with lush greenery, head towards the center of the historic center of the city and enter Forsyth Park. This is the place where you can take a sigh of relief upon escaping from the hot sun to the cool shade of trees.

The park is spread on 30 acres and has a plethora of flowering plants and huge trees, presenting you a riot of colors almost across the year. What’s more, you can also visit Farmer’s Markets and open air concerts here. The lovely old fountain in the park is one of Savannah’s most photographed attractions.

Savannah Forsyth Fountain

3. Forsyth Farmers’ Market (FFM)

The Forsyth Farmers’ Market was started in 2009 by a group of six women in the magnificent Forsyth Park. The market was started with an idea of bringing fresh, wholesome local produce to everyone and allowing local farmers to sell their fruits. Only people who grow and produce the foods can sell them in the market. A leisurely stroll in the market will delight your eyes with the sight of fresh bread, honey, eggs, cheese, coffee, produce, preserve and much more. The market is held every Saturday from 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.

4. University of Georgia Aquarium

A kid-friendly attraction in the southeast of downtown Savannah is the aquarium of the University of Georgia located on Ocean Science Circle on Skidaway Island. Kids as well as adults are excited to see the marine creatures living along the Georgian coast along with many other species of fish and reptiles including turtles.

Fossils of extinct creatures including mastodons and wooly mammoths that once existed in the Skidaway area are also a great attraction of the aquarium. The Maine Education Center and Aquarium hold regular summer camps and group tours.

5. Savannah Food Tours

If you are a foodie, you will be happy to know that Savannah’s restaurant scene is extremely colorful and exciting. The best way to get the taste is to take one of the Savannah Taste Experience Tours. The First Squares Food Tour is recommended for the first time visitors of Savannah. With this tour you get an opportunity to sample foods at 7 striking food shops and restaurants built around the original squares of Savannah.

Another food tour lets you explore the residential neighborhood and its hidden gems where you can visit the restaurants’ kitchens, and talk to chefs as well as locals.

As both these tours take you through the historical city of Savannah, they are extremely charming.

6. Savannah Ghost Tours

Do you get excited and enthralled with the thought of ghost hunting? Well, everyone does and while being in Savannah you can get an amazing opportunity to do that! SavannahGhostShow.com offer Savannah Ghost Tours that are family-friendly and interactive. This is like a mobile theatre and you are walked through locations each of which takes you to another with an amazing tale. If you have kids, you should essentially take this tour because kids find this show intensely interesting and fun. The show has been created with a thought of sheer fun in mind and nothing paranormal or similar stuff. There are tours like “Catch A Ghost” and “Bizarre Savannah” and both are super fascinating. If you are in a big group, have kids with you, or want to celebrate a special occasion in a unique fun way, don’t miss this tour.

Savannah Ghost Show 17Hundred90 Inn

7. Old Fort Jackson

The Old Fort Jackson is the oldest brick structure still standing ashore the Savannah River. It’s a National Historic Landmark and you can’t afford to miss it. Exploring the fort’s hidden nooks and corners is an enchanting experience, but will make you realize that the romantic Savannah had some violence too in its past. Of course, you also get a breathtaking view of the riverfront. The 9-inch Dahlgren cannon actually fires cannons daily at 10 am and 2 pm in the summer and spring.

8. Roots Up Gallery

If you are interested to go deep in the culture and tradition of the South, visit the Roots Up Gallery where you will get a miscellany of pottery, jewels, sculptures and oils, produced or created by unknown painters, sculptors and other folk artists. The gallery is held in the earlier parlor of a grand old townhouse of downtown Savannah. These art pieces are incredibly affordable and are ideal to take home as keepsakes.

9. Home of Juliette Gordon Low

If you want to witness the romantic and fascinating past of Georgia, don’t miss a visit to the Gordon family home where the founder of American Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, was born and lived and which is now owned and managed by the American Girl Scouts. This well-maintained lovely house contains a collection of Juliette’s belongings and fine art pieces and an exceptional library of books written by women from various cultures and times.

10. Savannah Waterfront

Having a rich historic background, the River Street along River Savannah is the place where several warehouses were located a couple of centuries ago during the days of cotton trade. The area became deserted in the early 19th century for over 100 years due to the yellow fever outbreak and consequent quarantine.

Today here you can see the lovely Savannah River waterfront which was developed after the street and its 200-year old cobblestones were rediscovered by the local landowners and city planners. The empty warehouses on over 80,000 sq feet area were transformed into more than 70 businesses, including restaurants, galleries, shops and much more.

savannah skyline

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