3 Amazing Tips to Start an Airbnb in Your London Home

property management LondonConsidering the fact that the accommodation option of airbnbs in a city like London is becoming immensely popular among travellers who are looking today for an authentic experience, it’s time for the owners of homes having a spare room to turn it into a decent income.

It’s important for property management London to remember that by law, you can rent your London home only for 90 nights in a calendar year before the need of a legal “change of use”. Here are a few more tips to help you make some serious cash.

1. Be Detailed

To make your airbnb listing the most appealing to your prospective guests, you should highlight all the best points about your home in the description, such as its rustic vibe or proximity to attractions like Portobello Road market or Hyde Park. Also, add amazing photos of every room as well as outside.

However, you should also mention some points that the guests might not be expecting. Failing to mention details like no lift to your top-floor apartment can leave you with annoyed vacationers and a negative review. So, be accurate in your descriptions.

2. Regularly Refresh the Description

Regular updating of your listing is a good idea because it helps to keep it near the top and can earn huge popularity points. If you have nothing new to add, a simple change in the text can help to keep it fresh and you can even add new pictures from time and again.

If you come to know about an upcoming event in your vicinity, such as a carnival or a sports event, you should make sure to mention it. Such events increase the accommodation demand, thus you can even increase the price and cash in.

3. Cooperate

A helping hand to the guests will make them feel homely in no time. You can extend small bits of help like telling them how to get to the closest place for breakfast, pub or tube station. Let them know some details about your home, such as how to start and work radiators, cooker and shower, and where they can get first aid kit, etc.

So, are you ready to welcome guests to your home?

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