3 Incredible Attractions of Rome You Cannot Afford to Miss

Rome, the lovely and energetic capital of Italy, is perfectly down-to-earth and lives in the present, but it’s also one of the most powerful places in the world that takes us in the past. It’s marked by artists, popes, emperors and commoners for more than 2,500 years which is seen through its archaeological remains, decorative churches and the precious treasures of Vatican City. But it’s also the most apt place to practice il dolce far niente! While it’s sheer joy to watch the beautiful spots of the city, sitting idly in a Campo de Fiori caffe may be your most unforgettable memory! Still, when you come to Rome, you can’t afford to miss some of its attractions. Here they are.

1. Roman Forum

If you want to take the enthralling experience of imagining the citizens of Ancient Rome walking around you in togas, visit the Roman Forum. It’s helpful to take a guide or you may mistake one monument for the other as you won’t get any signs inside the complex to know what’s what.

Dating back to around 500BC, the Roman Forum was enlarged by Augustus Caesar, Julius Caesar, Trajan and Domitian. You can see the remnants of Imperial Rome spread out beyond the limits of the Forum and include the Arch of Titus, Trajan’s Column and the Circus Maximus.

Don’t miss the Bocca della Verita, a bearded man’s statue who is supposed to bite off the hand of a lying person.

2. Colosseum

Colosseum can be said to be an identity of Rome as there hardly may be a picture of Rome where it’s not present. There is a prolonged and bloody history on the background of the 80 AD monument, the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire having a capacity of 80,000 people. Its remarkable feature is that it has remained mostly intact till today. If you don’t want to wait in a lengthy queue, buy Colosseum Rome tickets in advance.

3. Pantheon

Although its name indicates a temple of all gods, the Pantheon is in fact the burial place of Roman kings and other important figures, including Raphael. Built between 118 and 128 AD, the Pantheon is an architectural achievement and is the best-preserved monument of the Roman Empire. Don’t miss the great experience of watching the oculus in the dome opening to the sky letting sunlight filtering inside.

sunlight filtering inside Pantheon

And of course, there are many more! Indeed Rome cannot be described in such a short article but the short account of only 3 of its incredible attractions will hopefully evoke an urge in you to visit Rome. So, have you started planning a Rome visit?

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