3 Useful Tips to Enjoy an Astounding Europe Train Travel

Europe Train TravelWhen you are in Europe, train is one of the most comfortable, relaxing and inexpensive ways to move around. Trains take you virtually to any part of Europe and the beauty and charm seen around is unmatched. Here are some useful tips on train travel in Europe.

1. Choose Between Rail Pass and Tickets

Point-to-point tickets are tickets bought individually and carry you from one place to the other. They can be bought on the train station you want to leave. However, in several cases booking tickets online is easier, particularly if you want to reserve your seat/s in advance.

Buying such tickets is good for single journeys and travellers who want to follow a fixed itinerary around Europe. However, if you want to take many long-distance and/or instantaneous trips across Europe or want to be flexible during your train travel, a rail pass is your best bet.

2. Choose between First Class and Second Class

The price difference between first and second class of European trains is much less than the difference between the economy and first/business class plane tickets. However, the difference in comfort and service usually makes the additional expense worth it.

First class often offers reclining seats. Also, there are fewer seats per car and more space for luggage. There is more cleanliness too. Some high-speed trains offer meals included in the first class fare. First class tends to be more peaceful as there are more business passengers. Second class train tickets are cheaper; however, you get much less space as there are more seats per car.

If your journey is going to last for more than an hour or two, you should certainly consider a first class ticket. Once you are in Europe, a first class ticket is often easier to book as majority of Europeans tend to travel in second class. It’s a good idea to book tickets in advance, especially in high seasons.

3. Sleep Comfortably

If you are going to travel overnight, you get many options like reclining seats, couchettes (shared cabins with 6 beds) and sleepers (private cabins). The best among these are sleepers as they are like a small hotel room where you get privacy and comfort.

Follow these tips and enjoy an astounding experience of Europe train travel!

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