4 Enchanting Types of Dubai Desert Safaris

Dubai desert safari - quad bikingWhen you plan a vacation in Dubai, a desert safari is a must-do; otherwise you can’t say that your Dubai trip is complete. Although deserts are man’s mistakes, they are beautiful and awe-inspiring too, with long, smooth spans of sand and the wonderful charisma of light and shade on the sand dunes. Here is the information of various types of Dubai desert safaris so that you can choose the best one for you.

1. Evening Desert Safari

A Dubai desert safari arranged in the evening is six hours of sheer fun. Dubai desert is full of magical dunes with dramatic peaks and falls. So, taking SUVs to conquer these dunes is a good idea. The SUVs will be driven by expert drivers who will take you dune bashing which is equally exciting as a roller coaster ride.

After this enthralling ride, you’ll be allowed to rest for some time in a Bedouin desert camp where you’ll get the interesting information about the original settlers and their lifestyle. Enjoy trying Arabic attires, getting your hands painted with henna, drink authentic Arabic coffee and smoke shisha.

At night, you can enjoy belly dance performances and yummy BBQ dinner with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

Dubai desert safari

2. Morning Desert Safari

A morning Dubai desert safari is ideal for those who want to enjoy the desert scenery before the temperature rises to unmanageable levels. All the activities in the morning safari are the same as in an evening safari and plus, it offers some additional fun too. Thus you start the safari with dune bashing followed by camel riding, quad biking and sand-boarding. You can even choose a hot-air balloon ride and enjoy the stunning sunrise of the desert. You’ll also be served the traditional Arabic breakfast, depending upon the package you’ve selected.

Dubai desert safari - camel ride

3. Red Dune Safari

Dubai desert safari - belly danceOur normal idea about a desert is a terrain full of sand and cactuses. However, the fact is that a desert offers its own unique flora and fauna, and many other attractions. You can also enjoy sand-boarding over the soft, silky sand. This is just like snowboarding. Then you can enjoy a camel ride. After that you can return to the camp and relish a delicious meal and get entertained by belly dancers to make your day.

4. Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari offers you some more slice of the desert in the form of dining in front of a bonfire and sleep in the tents in comfortable sleeping bags. Tea and coffee are served in unlimited amounts. In the morning, you’re served a delicious breakfast and you leave to explore the desert’s splendor further.

So, have you started planning a Dubai vacation?

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