4 Practical Tips to Make Your Amsterdam Travel Wonderful

Amsterdam travel guideWhen you’re planning to visit Europe, you cannot afford to miss Amsterdam. You might have seen greeting cards with a magical fairyland portrayed on them and might have also wished to enter that charismatic world. Amsterdam can make your wish come true. This is a true fairyland on the earth. As such, you cannot be unhappy in Amsterdam. But still, if you know certain things in advance, your enjoyment may increase multifold. Here are a few tips.

1. COVD-19 Update

If you can’t resist yourself from visiting Amsterdam and are ready to start your travel right during the coronavirus time, it may be useful to know the COVID-19 update in this Amsterdam travel guide.

The good news is that, there are not many significant changes in Amsterdam during the pandemic. Only when you proceed to use public transport, you’d be reminded to cover your nose and mouth. However, masks are not essential, unlike the neighboring Germany, in restaurants, pharmacies and supermarkets in Amsterdam and most of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam tram

2. When to Visit?

If you are longing to view the stunning expanses of colorful tulip fields, the best time to visit Amsterdam is spring i.e. from April to May. Not only it’s the tulip season, but weather is also wonderful. However, since this is the main attraction for tourists and they flock in from all over the world, you should make sure you book your trip well in advance.

colorful tulip fields

If you wish to explore the grandeur of canals and countryside of Amsterdam, the ideal time to visit the city is from September to November. As such, this is the time when there are relatively fewer tourists.

If you’re passionate for festivals and music concerts, visit Amsterdam during summer i.e. from June to August.

But if you are after saving money, winter would be the best time to travel to Amsterdam. However, the weather during this time is chilly and dreary. Naturally, not many tourists want to come here in winter and so, airfares and accommodation prices are quite low. But since there are fewer tourists, you can enjoy city’s museums and indoor attractions at your own pace.

By far, AmsterdamYeah is the best travel guide when it comes to what to do in Amsterdam once you get there in whichever season. So, don’t forget to go through this website.

Museum Square Amsterdam

3. GVB Card and I Amsterdam Card

If you’re interested in saving money (& who isn’t?), the good news is that Amsterdam provides you tools for that in the form of two cards – a GVB City Card and an I Amsterdam City Card.

The I Amsterdam City Card helps you save money on public transport and most of the top museums. This card is valid for 1 to 4 days. A 1-day card costs € 59 whereas a 4-day card costs € 98. The card includes a free entry to most of the city’s top museums, free canal cruise, unlimited use of public transport (buses, trams and metros) and discounts in several restaurants.

canal cruise

If you’re not interested in visiting museums, the GVB City Card would be perfect for you which is also available as 1-day and multi-day. It’s cheap but ONLY covers the public transport including buses, trams, metro and ferries. A 1-day card costs only € 8 per adult and € 4 per child.

I Amsterdam

4. Memorize Emergency Numbers

Not only in Amsterdam, but anywhere in the world emergencies can occur. You should remember that in Amsterdam, 112 is the number for ambulance, police and fire. For emergency 24 x 7 doctor service, you can call 088 003 0600. For non-emergency police services such as for reporting a theft etc. you can use the number 0900 8844.

Amsterdam is ready to welcome you with open arms. Have you started planning?

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