5 Amazing Things to Do in Las Vegas

las vegas party busLas Vegas is known for casinos, slots and table gaming, risqué shows, countless buffets and booming pubs. No wonder, everyone is in the wake of Las Vegas parties. If you too are eager to get the deep feel of the much-heard-of Las Vegas nights, there are excellent options open for you including Las Vegas party bus, club crawl and more. Let me tell you more about these amazing options.

1. Club Hopping

Vegas’ clubs are world famous and you are eager to get into them. But do you find it impossible to visit multiple clubs? Here is Las Vegas Party Bus by Nite Tours that takes you on a tour of as many clubs as you want – 2, 3, 4 or 5! This trip offers you ample to enjoy. All the clubs are top rated with a convenient quick access and all payments done already. Plus you get complimentary drinks in the luxury limo party bus!

2. Freemont Street

You get a sensory overdose of images and sounds at Freemont Street – from the main to the 4th street in the form of as many as 12 million stunning LEDs of a TV screen which lights up every evening.

3. Bellagio Fountain Show

The free fountain show takes you to another world with its amazing combination of lights, water and music! This extremely synchronized display goes on every 15 to 30 minutes wherein the fountain water gets lit up choreographed to Broadway tunes and classical opera.

4. Neon Nights

Another trip you should take at night is for watching the dazzling nighttime display characteristic to Vegas of neon signs. They pick you from your hotel and you enter an amazing world of Venice gondola, Eiffel Tower, Bellagio fountains, Mirage volcanoes and more. Upon special requests of guests, they also show you other areas of Las Vegas.

5. Watch Vegas Lights from the Skies

This is a fabulous experience of watching the dazzling Vegas from a helicopter. This tour departs every evening, provided weather conditions are good. Normally, it’s a six-seater helicopter where champagne is served for free. They take you over all the main spots of the city, like Treasure Island, Caesar’s Palace, Freemont Street and more. Free shuttle from the helipad towards your hotel is also provided sometimes.

The city of Las Vegas is truly enjoyable at night. Don’t go to bed at night when you are in Vegas! Enjoy the dazzle of the city and you will thank yourself for the incredible experience.

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