6 Awesome Tips to Find the Best Travel Deals

VeniceArdent travelers are well aware of the fact that a great vacation planning should consist of factors like comparison of prices and off-season travelling. What are the different ways to find the best deals so that you can enjoy the best vacation for the best prices? Here are some wonderful tips.

1. Repositioning Cruise

It’s common for cruise lines to move their cruises from one region to another as per the season, e.g. to Alaska in summer or to the Caribbean in winter and so on. Rather than keeping these ships empty while moving across Panama Canal, the Pacific or the Atlantic, they offer one-way repositioning cruises at discounted prices which are much lower than that of high season cruises. You get all standard amenities such as the food, entertainment etc but at much cheaper prices and in a less crowded ship. You can find the best prices on cruises also at JollyBooker.com.

repositioning cruises

2. Let Deals Come to You

You can do this trick when you have ample time at hand before leaving for your vacation. Visit some travel booking websites and start booking a hotel or car rental etc, but don’t pay or follow through. Enter your contact details and choose to receive email offers. Now wait! The websites will start emailing the deals to you (it may not happen always, but happens most of the times). By the 3rd or 4th day you will receive offers that are remarkably lower. This is because the companies don’t want to lose clients.

3. Cheaper Days to Book and Travel

Typically Wednesdays are the least expensive days for domestic flying followed by Tuesdays and Saturdays. Also you can save hundreds of bucks by flying on a holiday. According to experts, travelers should purchase flight tickets from midnight to 1 am on Wednesdays or after 3 pm on Tuesdays as they can get the best discounts on these timings.

Timings to book accommodations may differ as per the type of property you are in search of. For a resort, you can often get the best deals for Sunday rates, while for a smaller hotel in a smaller town, you can get deals in the middle of the week and it’s best to book a room later in the day, when there is a drop in bookings and the hotel might think of giving you a discount.

get best price for accommodation at JollyBroker

4. Keep an Eye on Disturbed Destinations

For this, you have to regularly read or listen to news. You have to find destinations which had some problems. Even though the life returns to normal after the disturbance, tourists keep away from those places for years. Even the problem may be confined to a particular part of the country while other parts are safer; still people are scared of visiting them. In such a condition, all the touristic stuff is much cheaper in these countries. Planning a vacation there is a win-win situation for you and the locals there.

5. Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

If you are 55 or more, your age can benefit you to find the best deal. For example, most cruise lines give discounts to seniors. Also several hotel chains give discounts to clients who are 60 or 62 and older.

senior travel discount

6. River Cruise

If you dream of visiting many European cities on a budget, a river cruise can be your best bet. Several European cities stand ashore major waterways. River cruises are often smaller than mainstream cruise ships and so, can dock in harbors where their larger siblings are not able to navigate. Prices for these cruises are typically the lowest from January to May (as the peak season is between June and September). Most of them are all-inclusive and so you need not sacrifice comfort for the low price.


Don’t forget to visit JollyBooker.com for many such awesome travel deals on flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals and more. With these tips, you can enjoy the most fun holidays at the lowest costs.

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