6 Business Travel Tips

business travel tips 6Business travelers know how difficult it can be to survive life on the road. Well, it’s not literally “surviving”, but we can agree that traveling for business can be rather daunting. For that reason, we’ve asked Business travel Deeside experts to share some useful tips and tricks for making traveling more convenient and even enjoyable.

1 – Sanitizer & Bacitracin. Airplanes are full with germs, but you certainly don’t want to  get sick while traveling, do you? Sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer whenever you wash your hands or before any meal. Before getting on a plane, use a dab of Bacitracin to coat the inside of nostrils (with already sanitized fingers tips!).

2 – Block out loud noises with foam earplugs. They are less bulky (perfect for sleeping) and cheaper than earmuffs, while still doing their job: blocking out extreme noises.

3 – Make wise food and beverage choices. If you need to eat in an airport, it is highly recommended to eat where pilots, cabin crew and other professionals are eating. They surely know the best places. When choosing your meal, opt for more proteins and less carbs. Finally, drink water. A lot! Skip soda and alcohol drinks.

4 – Don’t waste time watching TV. Upon entering their room, most business travelers automatically turn on the television. Before they know it, there goes 90 wasted minutes. If there’s a show you really don’t want to miss, you should watch it. Otherwise, call your family, read a book, go for a walk or to the gym.

5 – Fight jet lag. As soon as you enter the plane, reset your watch and other devices to the time zone of the destination you’re flying to. Sleep only if it’s night there. Try to eat less while traveling and more when you arrive at your destination. Once you get there, sleep only if it’s dark outside. In fact, at night, you should go sleeping even if you aren’t tired.

6 – Charge every device the night before the travel. Although you will probably be able to charge your mobile phone on the go, just to be on the safe side, do it prior your journey.

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