6 Handy Tips to Make Your Arrival and Departure to Cancun Full of Happiness

Cancun airport transfersCancun Airport being a small airport is one of the easiest places to navigate. However, a few tips will help you for a smooth arrival and departure at the airport of this lovely Mexican city.

Only two terminals are present at Cancun Airport; but beware, they can be hectic at times!

1. Book a Taxi Beforehand

You can arrange for Cancun airport transfers well before you arrive at the airport by reserving hotel transfer when you make booking for accommodation there. You don’t want to be stressed about arranging a cab after a prolonged flight and want to start enjoying your vacation right away. So, if you reserve your transfer beforehand, you will just have to look for a board with your name on it after leave the arrivals building at the airport.

2. Make Sure Your Luggage is Identifiable

Add a sticker, ribbon or any other mark with which you can identify your luggage easily. It’s a good idea to make your luggage identifiable in this way so as to avoid anyone picking your luggage by mistake and vice versa.

3. Departure Terminal

After you arrive at Cancun Airport, find out where the departure terminal is. This will save your time when you will reach the airport for leaving.

4. Reach Early for Departure

Although Cancun Airport is small, it gets extremely busy at times. To avoid stress, it’s better to arrive early when you will be leaving. Keep in mind that major airlines like Aeromexico have multiple destinations every day and therefore there would be long lines. Even for national flights, you are required to arrive two hours before the departure time of your flight.

5. Have Your Boarding Pass Printed

If you get your boarding pass printed, your departure time will be sped up. If you don’t have it printed, the check in process can be lengthy.

6. No Shopping at the Airport

Don’t leave your shopping undone when you are in the city for doing it on the airport. Cancun Airport has a very few shops and choices are very limited. Buy something only if you have forgotten someone and it’s very essential to buy something for her/him.

Remember these tips to make your arrival and departure to Cancun full of happiness.

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