6 Interesting Things about Lisbon You Should Know

LisbonWhile Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, mightn’t seem to be ranking high on the list of top travel destinations, surprisingly it’s extremely popular among ardent tourists. And there are reasons for that. Here are a few things about Portugal that might interest you and you may find the right destination for your next vacation.

1. Is Lisbon Worth Visiting?

There is no doubt that Portugal is great for a solo traveler. But it’s also true that Lisbon in itself is great to travel with family or friends. If you look at things to do in Lisbon you’ll notice that there is something for everyone, one of the prominent reasons for its popularity among tourists. So, Lisbon is definitely worth visiting.

tuk tuk in Lisbon

2. Fado – the Traditional Music

In Portuguese, “fado” means fate or destiny. It’s a traditional music form known for its sad tone and is often connected to the sea. The music is created with instruments like mandolins and guitars and one singer often performs the poetic lyrics.

You’ll find several places offering a meal and fado music shows. But the best are those which offer the show without making you pay for a costly meal. Alfama is a district where it’s worth taking a walk in the evening and listen to the melodious fado music.

Lisbon street performers

3. Lisbon is Europe’s Second Oldest Capital City

Yes, Lisbon is Europe’s second oldest capital city after Athens. It had multiple rulers starting with Romans, then Germans and then Arabs till 1147 when at last Portuguese crusaders conquered it. Nevertheless, the city has been a cultural, political and economic hub for so long that it was never actually officially confirmed as Portugal’s capital. It became so just by default and convention!

4. One of Europe’s Best Budget Cities

Lisbon offers highest quality food, accommodation and nightlife for a fraction of the price of some of other capital cities in Europe. So, it’s an awesome European budget holiday destination, particularly because beer is so cheap in several places. You can even enjoy more luxury drinks and meals at a low cost.

Augusta Street restaurant in Lisbon

5. Portuguese – the Official Language

As such, Portugal is adjacent to Spain. However, it has Portuguese as its own language. And though Spanish is a common second language, it doesn’t mean that people in Lisbon want to speak it all the time. Actually, English is spoken more than Spanish. So, while traveling in Lisbon, don’t have an impression that Spanish is the only second language.

6. Traveling in 28 Line Tram and Tuk Tuks

While in Lisbon, traveling in the famous yellow 28 line tram and tuk tuks is a great fun. They are cheap and comfortable modes of travel. The old 1930 trams are still used because modern trams cannot deal with the steep hills and tight curves of the city. Same way tuk tuks can take you through the famous seven hills of Lisbon through the narrow streets.

28 Line Tram in Lisbon

So, what do you think? Don’t you think you should start preparing for a vacation to Lisbon?

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