9 Excellent Tips to Book an Airport Limo Service to Have a Pleasant Experience

airport limoOnce you get down at an airport, you’re eager to reach your home or hotel, because you’re tired, want to freshen up, and perhaps want to have food and rest. In such a condition, the travel from airport towards your home or hotel should be comfortable and stress-free so you won’t feel stressed out more. On the other hand, if you intend to catch a flight, you need to reach the airport well ahead of time. If your hotel is not providing airport shuttle service, fortunately there are airport limo services which you can choose. But how to choose one? Here are a few tips.

1. Check Reviews

COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lessening a bit and travel is gradually being allowed. In such situations, before booking an airport limo, don’t forget to check online reviews of the services on websites like TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet etc. It’s best to know about the service beforehand, rather than having to travel in an old and worn out limo. There are so many factors involved including the cleanliness of the vehicle, comfort it offers, knowledge and politeness of the chauffeur, and so on. Also, keep in mind that having a few bad reviews is not a big problem as people may have different views. However, if a service has overall bad reviews, it’s better to turn to your next options.

2. How Long They’re in Business?

The duration for which the company is running the business is also important. The longer they are in the business, the more reliable and experienced they should be. If they are startups, you should consider the reviews they’ve got. If they’ve provided a good service so far, it means that they intend to remain in business for long, and are not planning to wind up soon after earning some amount. Thus, this reflects their intention and attitude, and you can decide how much you can rely on them.

3. Referrals

Another best way to find a really good airport limo service is through word of mouth. Ask your friends, colleagues or family whether they know a good, reliable and experienced limo service they might have used personally. If they tell all good things about a particular service, you can opt for it. But for this, you have to open up with people and collect information. One may not tell you on their own that they used a certain limo service and it was good or bad.

4. Safety

Perhaps the most important factor is to know whether it’s safe to travel in a company’s limo. You’ll have to ensure certain things, including:

  • Whether the company has a valid certification
  • Whether they have liability insurance
  • Are their vehicles DPU approved and DOT inspected?
  • Are their chauffeurs professionally trained?

For example, ChiefChicagoLimo is an airport limo service serving mainly Chicago airports O’Hare and Midway, and many other areas including Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and more. They keep their vehicles always up-to-date and regularly inspected and insured. Their drivers are well-versed with the vehicles and roads, and undergo regular training. You should look for such a service. Your safety is the most important and you don’t want to fall into unnecessary mishaps, just during a short journey. Therefore it’s very important to inquire about the safety offered by the airport limo service you’re planning to hire.

Chicago airports O'Hare and Midway

5. Choose the Right Vehicle

When it comes to choose a vehicle, you can get a lot of options including stretch limos, custom-built trolley, party buses, stretch SUVs, Mercedes Sprinters and more. Choose among these depending upon your requirements. Consider things like whether you’ll be traveling alone or with your friends, whether you want amenities like a bar and premium drinks, music to dance on, or other entertainment options, etc. Companies like ChiefChicagoLimo provide a wide range of options including airport limo, corporate limo, black car service, kids transportation service, flight crew transportation, party rental, sporting and special event transportation and more. Thus they are experienced in all these areas and you can get a good service whatever your requirements may be.

6. Exchange Contact Info

After so much of scrutiny, when you book a limo service, first and foremost thing you should do is to provide your mobile phone number to your driver and take theirs. This will prevent miscommunications in case of change in meeting points or flight delays, and you won’t have to go through the trouble in finding them. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged and on, so they can contact you in case of any problem or changes.

7. Save the Confirmation Number

Human error can happen any time and you should be ready for that. It’s better to presume any complications with bookings or any other problem that may need to be fixed. In that case, you should have the confirmation number saved with you, so that you can prove your booking or deal with any issue with the company.

8. Early Pickup

Choose an early pickup time so that the limo driver will reach the airport well ahead of time and you can catch them once you get off the plane. If you’ve booked the limo to reach the airport to catch a flight from your hotel, it’s a good idea to reach early as airlines can be very busy at times and there can be long lines.

9. Pickup at Baggage Claim or Curbside Pickup

Due to security restrictions, chauffeurs cannot cross the security checkpoints at airports. So, you can’t meet them immediately at the gate. So, you’ll have to remember to choose either to meet them at the baggage claim area or curbside pickup, and instruct them accordingly.

Follow these tips while booking an airport limo to have a pleasant travel experience. Happy journey!

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