A Few Tips on Your Vacation in Kusadasi, Turkey

kusadasi-turkey2Although it’s not as big as Marmaris and not as full of sights as Bodrum, Kusadasi still remains one of the most popular package-tour destinations in Turkey. Do you wonder why? This lovely town has it all – beautiful Aegean sea beaches, memorable party scene, two picturesque old quarters and bazaar.

Even though the history of Kusadasi is rather old, don’t expect to see many traces of early settlement. Nevertheless, the town is located nearby famous sites such as Ephesos, Priene and Miletos. Although you can book a guided tour to these places, but we suggest renting a car once you arrive in Turkey. Although it’s in Izmir, Adnan Menderes Airport is close to Kusadasi and Selcuk and it’s probably the best way to reach Kusadasi by air. You should rent a car ar Adnan Menderes Airport and avoid public transportation and expensive tour guides to above mentioned sights. You can also visit the ruins of the ancient oracular cities of Claros (temple to Apollo) and Teos (temple to Dionysos), since they are also nearby Kusadasi.

If you’ve already visited other parts of Turkey, the Aegean coast will unpleasantly surprise you with high accommodation prices. It might be better to avoid high season and instead opt for a shoulder season (june and september) – chances are, you’ll find budget rooms at this time of year.

When it comes to Aegean cuisine, it’s delicious! However, chefs here place far more emphasis on vegetables and fresh herbs compared to meat.

Of course, most tourists are drawn here especially by the astonishing beaches, making Kusadasi one of the largest holiday resorts in whole country. But, although the town is bursting with package tourists and cruise passengers, it still remains a very likable place. Even as an independent traveler, if you plan your holiday well and preferably rent a car, you’ll surely enjoy your stay in Kusadasi.

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