Adventures in Colorado Enough to Enthrall You

Mount Bierstadt ColoradoIf you are fed up of a monotonous life and are dying to undertake some adventure, Colorado is the place you should visit. Why? The state has so many adventures to take up and the nature is amazing, just enough to pull you out from your boredom. Here are only a few of the adventures that are enough to convince you why you should visit this amazing state to save you from extreme disgust.


Mount Bierstadt with its 14,060 feet height is one of the easiest to hike if you are a beginner and will give you some enchanting views that will refresh you. It has a winding wide trail that goes along charming high-mountain meadows, swamps and boulder fields. The trek starts from the Guanella Pass just south of Georgetown. If you are scared because you’ve never tried hiking, leave behind the fear, as you’ll meet so many people from such varied age groups from youngsters to truly elderly that you’ll feel like visiting a mall! Your ultimate adventure might be Long’s Peak by moonlight. Or you can try one of the state’s thirteeners which are equally grand but don’t get the same attention. On the way, you might meet the Rocky Mountain goats, a rocky eagle flying high above or the ubiquitous marmots on the climbs.

If at all, you can’t hike due to your health or some other reason, don’t worry! The Cog Railway is at your service which will take you to the summit of Pikes Peak. Or you can also drive to the top of Mount Evans. Whichever way you prefer, your experience will be truly rewarding!

Discover Mesa Verde

You might have explored ancient ruins around the world, but have you forgotten something in your own backyard? Yes, you have! But not anymore. Throw your luggage in one of the Colorado Bed and Breakfast and head to Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez and you’ll feel like visiting it again and again. You can visit it on your own or take a ranger-guided tour to get an insight about people who once resided here in over 600 dwellings. Though only a small percentage of the ruins have been unearthed, they are enough to awe you. Or else, you can also visit the Ute Mountain Tribal Park, where a Ute tribal member will take you through the cliff dwellings in the park and tell you the history. You can see many wall paintings as well as petroglyphs.

So, if you are depressed, cheer up! There is much to see and do in life with which Colorado is waiting for you!

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