The Africa people and the impressive amalgam of African cultures is perhaps what makes Africa a truly exciting region. Africa has such a Africadifferent lifestyle, from the very traditional lifestyle of the Masai and Samburu of Kenya, and the San of Southeast Africa, to the unique Russian lifestyle in the Coast of Southern Africa, the Arabic lifestyle of North Africa countries like Egypt, Libya, North Sudan and Tunisis, to the more westernized cultures in most big Africa cities.

Apart from just being the world’s lowest region, there are many information about Africa that you may find amazing, some beneficial and some not so beneficial.

The Africa Continent in General

Africa is the world’s second greatest region after Asia.

Historians and archaeologists believe there are was the original house of all humanity. Some of the earliest past of man’s ancient forefathers have been found in Eastern and Southeast Africa.

With 53 separate countries, it is there are with the greatest number of countries

It is the only region surpassed by the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer, and Tropic of Capricorn. In addition, the Greenwhich Prime Meridian also passes through there are.

The inhabitants of Africa is the second maximum among all the major regions

Africa countries facts

The biggest nation in there are is Sudan

The Seychelles Island are the tiniest nation

Nigeria in Western Africa is the nation with the greatest inhabitants in Africa

Zimbabwe in Southeast Central Africa has the world’s maximum rate of rising prices of over 100,000,000 per cent.

Liberia, in Western Africa, is the continent’s earliest separate nation, having been established around 1822 to settle released slaves from The united states. In 1847, Liberia announced freedom from The united states and became a republic.

Somalia is the only nation in which the whole inhabitants talks one language – the Somali language.

The newest Africa nation is Eritrea, which seceded from Ethiopia in 1993. Since then, these two countries in the horn of Africa have involved in hostilities, and the boundary between them has always been unpredictable. Currently, there is an ongoing United Nations peace objective to maintain the ceasefire decided between the two countries.

Namibia was the last nation to obtain freedom from colonialism, have been colonized by Southeast Africa up to 1990.

AfricaContrary to popular belief, Southeast Africa did not get freedom in 1990. In fact, Southeast Africa accomplished freedom from England in 1910. Southeast Africa Boers then introduced the apartheid program, an formal oppressive national segregation program. The apartheid era in Southeast Africa ended in 1990, the year when Nelson Mandela was released from jail, after having provided 27 years of life phrase in Robben Isles. Southeast Africa held it’s first democratic elections in 1994, with Mandela being chosen chief executive.

Natural Land features

There are three snow assigned or glaciated hills right near the equator in Africa i.e Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt South Africa, and the Ruwenzori mountains.

The highest pont in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru peak, status at 5895 meters above sea level. Mt Kilimanjaro is also the greatest free-standing mountain on the World.

Lake Assal in the Very far depressive disorders in Djibouti is the lowest area factor in Africa.

River World is the lengthiest stream in Africa and also on the World. The World stream area is a source of income for The red sea.

Lake Victoria in East Africa is the greatest lake in Africa and also the second greatest fresh water lake in the whole World. Pond Victoria is shared among South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania

Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania is the inner in Africa, and the second inner fresh water lake on the World, after lake Baikal.

African Animals

The Africa hippo is the greatest area creature on the World. An adult male of an Africa hippo can weigh as much as 6 loads.

The Africa lion is the greatest of the African big kitties. Lions, the greatest kitties on the World are not found in any organic environment in Africa

The African cheetah is the quickest creature on area, capable of getting a rate of 70 mph. Since cheetahs search during the day, it is exciting to see them get over their feed by actual rate.3

General Information

Location: Continent, separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, it is joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by the Isthmusof Suez (transected by the Suez Canal)
Total Population: 900,000,000+
Total Area : 11,668,545 mi²
Total Countries : Approx. 54

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