Air Travel Complaints – How to Go Through the Proper Channel

Complaints EasyjetAir travel is perhaps the most favorite mode of travel in the world. It’s fast, super comfortable, luxurious and classy. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of issues. A lot of air travelers regularly come across several issues in air travel and wish that their complaints should be properly attended to. What to do at such times? Let’s see.

Try to Resolve with the Airlines

If you’ve experienced any issues during your air travel, don’t first contact the transportation authorities. First give the airlines a chance to resolve it. Airline companies have trouble shooters right at the airports, generally known as Customer Service Representatives or Complaint Desk, who can resolve many types of issues then and there. For example, Easyjet will have complaints Easyjet desk at the airport. They can help with baggage issues, arrange hotel rooms and meals for stranded passengers and resolve many commonly occurring issues.

If your problem is not resolved at the airport, you can file a complaint with the airline company. Commonly airlines need to address passenger complaints within 30 days of receiving them and acknowledge consumers in writing responding to their complaints within 60 days of receiving them. They also need to let passengers know how to complain to them.

It’s usually best to write or email to the consumer office of the airline at its corporate headquarters. The website of the airline company should have instructions regarding how and where to submit complaints. They may even have an online form which you can fill in.

If the airline doesn’t resolve your issue to your satisfaction, you may file a complaint with the higher authorities such as an alternate dispute resolution (ADR) body or CAA or take a direct legal action.

Is the Complaint Valid?

You can know whether your complaint is valid or not by both ADR bodies and PACT. If it is, they will take it up with the concerned airlines. However, while PACT cannot enforce their decision on an airline, CAA-approved ADR bodies can.

Before contacting either of these, you need to have written to the concerned company first and provide all relevant information to either the ADR body or PACT.

Claims Agencies

As per the recommendation of the CAA, passengers planning to make a complaint must directly complain to the concerned airline or airport. Although they are free to use third parties, like claims agencies, to help them with their complaints, these agencies usually charge a fee for their service which can generally be a sizable proportion of the reimbursement amount expected.

Going through the proper channel increases your chances to getting your complaint resolved to your satisfaction. So, know the right procedure and take further action. All the best!

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