Avoid Theft while Traveling – 5 Tips

avoid theft while traveling five tipsLet’s face it; travelers are an easy target for thieves. If you don’t have your own tale of scams, dishonest taxi drivers, pickpockets, valuable things stolen from hotel rooms, you haven’t traveled at all. However, these situations can ruin your overall journey and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth each time someone mentions certain destination. So, what can do to prevent theft during our travel? Here are our top 5 tips!

  1. money_beltsThe money belt. This item (such as www.moneybeltrfid.com) is a travel necessity! It’s especially recommended to wear it in places where pickpocketing is very common. However, keep in mind that experienced thieves know about money belts, so they will try to relieve you of yours.
  2. Steal-me wallet – In case someone aggressively demand your wallet, you need to give it, right? So, have a “fake wallet” with expired credit card, as well as some filler cards and you can put some photos to make it look even more genuine. Of course, have some cash in it, for example $15 (you can live without it, can’t you?). It’s good to have something you would readily give away when forced to.
  3. Separated sources of cash. So, this is old-but-gold tip travelers have been following since ever. If you have all your money sources in one wallet and it becomes stolen, it can be a very difficult situation in a foreign country. In order to prevent this from happening, you can leave the house without your ATM card and go out with a credit card.
  4. Know the destination! Do your research before starting your journey or ask locals about the safe and not so safe areas in their country/city. If you still plan to visit some of those “unsafe” places by night, make sure your documents and money are at some safer place.
  5. Don’t look like such a tourist! I know what you’re thinking right now, it sounds like a mission impossible. It doesn’t mean you should blend in completely, but opt for dressing plainly, don’t look flashy and act like you know where you are going.


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