Be Prepared to Catch Excellent Photos with Excellent Wildlife Photography eBooks

kgalagadi ebookIf you are an ardent tourist fond of going to places and if you don’t capture photos at your travel destinations, don’t you feel something is missing? Yes, when we travel, if we don’t catch photos, we actually miss a lot of fun! In fact, half the pleasure is lost if we don’t catch photos during our travel. So, imagine if you don’t take your camera when you visit a fantastic African national park, with all those adorable animals, birds and greenery? Planning to go on such a safari and want guidance to take amazing photos there? I have something awesome to recommend to you – they are Wildlife Photography eBooks by Jennifer and Mario Fazekas about their Southern African Photo Safaris!

Jennifer and Mario Fazekas are a husband-wife wildlife photographers’ team who are passionate travelers too, and have been traveling to various African national parks for the last 20+ years of which they have spent over 800 days doing 160 African photo safaris.

colorful bird

So, where you are planning to go? Is it the Kgalagadi, or Kruger, or is it the Pilanesberg or is it Etosha? Wherever you are planning your holiday, you can get an eBook specific to that destination, by these talented photographers telling you everything about how you can catch the best photos.

Madikwe River Lodge

Madikwe River Lodge - lovely morning

Madikwe River Lodge at night

Madikwe River Lodge - excellent service


I can’t stop myself from giving some of their amazing photos in this article. There are many more on their website and eBooks.

Lions with a balloon at Pilanesberg

eBooks Specific to National Parks

The best thing about the eBooks by Jenny and Mario Fazekas is that, along with getting guidance on photographing the wildlife, you will also get excellent guidance for traveling through these incredible parks – the different lodges, the food and even stopovers. There are thorough descriptions about where you would find lions, where you could catch cheetahs, which is the best place to catch wild buffalos and many such clues. This is because they want to explain to you thoroughly in which situations, time and light conditions you can catch the best photos of these animals. Automatically you get guidance about traveling too.

The Bush House Lodge

Jennifer catching elephants' photos from The Bush House Lodge


Watch the photos of the beautiful lodges too – here and many more in the eBooks and websites.

Jamala chocolate brownie dessert at Madikwe River Lodge

Bakgatla Chicken livers peri-peri at Golden Leopard Resorts

Kwa Maritane lunch

Their intention behind giving such thorough descriptions is you should not make the mistakes they made while undergoing the trial and error methods in their initial days. In short, because of these eBooks, you don’t have to wander around in search of animals and ideal photo conditions. Imagine, they have spent twenty long years in these national parks! Who can know the conditions here better than them?

Thakadu Rhino

The experience of Mario and Jenny Fazekas is indeed invaluable. All the legwork and toiling have been done by them; you just have to reach the perfect locations and catch perfect photos with the help of their eBooks. So, you save a lot of time and can enjoy your vacation in a true sense, because the time thus saved can be utilized for visiting more places or doing many other fun activities.Trumpeter Hornbill


What do you think now? Are you feeling comfortable with the thought of getting proper photography guidance and tips? I am sure, you are much more excited than before! So, go ahead; get the eBook dedicated to the national park you will be visiting and be prepared to catch excellent photos!luxurious IT Bedroom at Ivory Tree Game Lodge


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