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A relatively new project for Botswana is the inviting the World Touristers into preserved nature. Botswana has some of Africa’s last great Botswana Tourswildernesses such as Okavango Delta, and the Kalahari Wasteland. Africa’s strong sense of care take proper the natural is summarized in an appearance you may listen to frequently: “Care of the wild, proper caring the land, proper caring the individuals.” Currently, most visitors interested in holidays in Botswana participate in an schedule trip that can be a set schedule or customized created to suit the needs of a group.

Destinations include game drives, walking, and Mokoro Visits (the BaYei individuals, who came to the Okavango Delta many 100’s of years ago, brought with them their traditional method of transportation, the mokoro, a dug-out kayak made from a large straight shrub such as a bread shrub or an dark tree).

General Information


Languages :

English (official), Setswana (national)

Currency : Pula (BWP)
Time Zone : Central African Time (+7hrs EST)
Capital City : Gaborone
Population : 1.8 Million
Government : Parliamentary Republic
Total Area : 224,606 mi²
Climate : Semiarid; warm winters and hot summers
National Holidays: Independence Day (Botswana Day), 30 September
Additional Info: Tourism is a growing sector due to the country’s conservation practices and extensive nature preserves

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