Brighton is Eager to Meet You

Palace PierBrighton the lovely coastal town on the south coast of the UK is a major part of the Brighton and Hove city. But it is not only famous for its great beaches. It has numerous other attractions that will keep you engrossed. Here are only a few of them.

Royal Pavilion

This is the must-see when you come to Brighton – a discernible landmark you can’t even miss. Once you enter it, you are sure to enter a slice of history – totally different atmosphere, you would love it if you are kinda like me, the old times, the nostalgia, the great legends! This was created for Prince Regent, the later King George IV, between 1787 and 1823. The specialty of the Royal Pavilion is it its appearance is oriental, unlike most British buildings.

Royal Pavilion

The Lanes

If you are a shopaholic (and I am sure you are) the Lanes is the area you should not miss. It has numerous specialty shops (particularly jewelry), and also restaurants and pubs (to refresh yourself during shopping breaks). A beautiful thing about it is it’s just near the beach and weather is awesome! Even if you don’t buy anything or eat anything, it’s great to wander aimlessly!

The Beach

Having come to such a charming coastal town like Brighton, how could you miss the beach of Brighton? First you will be wonderstruck by the vista of sea even if you go to the Brighton train station. Sea, sea everywhere in Brighton, with the sweet sounds of seagulls, the famous Brighton Pier, Palace Pier, West Pier, the Marina, wonderful ambience! In Brighton, you can give a quick visit to the beach, even after work or school, take a swim or stroll, or just a hangout with your friends and come back! Fantastic life!

Palace Pier

Devil’s Dyke

And now, at a place where you won’t see sea, but soft, green hills, tiny houses, the famous, delightful British countryside – in Devil’s Dyke! You can catch a bus at Churchill square bus stop (enjoy this journey too – as the bus has no roof) and come to Devil’s Dyke where a gorgeous scenery welcomes you.

Preston Park

Take an authentic British experience at Preston Manor on the north end of Preston Park, which is open to public. You can view beautiful Edwardian furniture in the manor. The nearby redundant medieval church is a bonus for you if you love to get lost in the past. It has wall paintings, including one devoted to the murder of St. Thomas Becket.

And there are countless other wonderful places you should not miss in Brighton, more about them some other time! But you should also enjoy a nice stay in Brighton at Churchill Brighton Guest House located in the heart of Brighton with fantastic amenities and unmatched comfort, and most importantly, very convenient as a base for you to visit all the gorgeous attractions of Brighton. So, don’t miss it! As you are eager to meet Brighton, Brighton too is eager to meet you!

Churchill Brighton Guesthouse

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