Cabazon Dinosaurs

From the interstate road the unusual view of two Giant Dinosaurs, Cabazon Dinosaurson an dry simply enclosed by mountains, is an amazing magnetic. But visitors are not the only ones forced to stop. Well within LA’s convenient day-drive area, the Cabazon dinos became press darlings in the 1980’s, showing in everything from Pepsi advertisements to stone video clips to the movie Pee Wee’s Big Experience.

They were designed by Claude Gong, who ran the adjacent Wheel Inn on I-10. Claude took 11 years to develop Dinny, a giant apatosaurus and probably the biggest prehistoric in The united states. A little art gallery in Dinny’s tummy still offers gifts. Claude’s admission sign promised speedier work on the relax of the prehistoric members of the family he organized.

Claude’s next venture, a giant Tyrannosaurus with a glide down its end, was approaching finalization when Claude passed away in 1989. More statues were on the drawing panel, along with a Woolly Huge. The Tyrannosaurus was never finished and, according to the art gallery administrator in Dinny’s tummy, “it never will be.”

Since 2005 Grettle Kanter, an Lemon Nation designer, has proved helpful with Minister John Darwin Chiles to use the dinosaurs of Cabazon as a system for a Creationist viewpoint.

The Wheel Inn, possessed by Karel and Jessica Kothera since 1993, shut in Sept 2013.

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