Channel Islands – Island Holidays You Shouldn’t Miss

Channel IslandsIslands have their own unique charm. Being cut off from the mainland, their culture, ambiance and even nature is often a bit different and quaint. This makes holidays on islands exceptional. Considering this, if you’re planning a holiday on islands and are wondering which island to go for, your choice should be Channel Islands!

Placed in the English Channel, around 14 miles off the French coast, the Channel Islands include Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm and many other small islands, each having its own distinct character. Channel Islands can be easily accessed by air from London and several other English cities. Plus, in summer, daily ferries are available from St. Malo and Cherbourg in France and Poole and Portsmouth in England.

The best time to visit Channel Islands is from April to May when the 5-week long Channel Islands Heritage Festival is held here. This enchanting festival is marked by special openings of historical sites, themed guided walks and exclusive tours that include all five islands. The atmosphere on these islands is so delightful that don’t be surprised if a wish to stay permanently and work from an island arises in your mind.

work from an island

St. Catherine Bay – Splendid Beaches and Ocean Views

If you’re a fishing and beaching enthusiast, you can’t afford to miss St. Catherine’s Bay and the secluded Rozel Bay with its slender, sandy beach.

Also if you wish to have a great experience, don’t forget to spend a night at Archirondel Tower. This striking tower is red and white and is located on a rocky ridge that overlooks St. Catherine’s Bay. Built in 1792 and previously used as a military base, today it has been converted into lavish accommodations where 4 guests can stay. This is perfect for families.

Les Platons – Stunning Views

If you’re ready to tire yourself a bit, you can get rewarding views from Les Platons, the 446-foot highest point in Jersey. From here you’ll get stunning views of the north coast, including Bonne Nuit Bay and the Mont Mado granite quarries.

Also, there are some must-visit attractions in the surrounding area, including La Houle Cave, St. John’s Bay and Sorel Point, the northernmost point of the island.

Guernsey – the Gourmet Island

Guernsey is only half the size of the biggest of islands, Jersey; but it contains almost as many attractions. The most prominent is the beautiful cliffs on the south coast that rise over 270 feet. The island also features a number of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious European food, for which the island is nicknamed as “Gourmet Island”.

unique French character

Castle Cornet – Soak in the History

Castle Cornet is located on a small island connected by Castle Pier. The castle was built in 1150 and hosts many museums that history buffs would love. These include the Royal Guernsey Militia Museum, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Museum, Story of Castle Cornet, the 201 Squadron RAF Museum and Maritime Museum.

Guided tours of the castle are arranged together with its four historic gardens. The daily noon gun salute by costumed staff is a great attraction too. Plus there are several delightful trails traversing the castle area. An onsite café is also available.

Castle Cornet

Guernsey Air Display is something you should try to attend and if you do, you’ll be amazed with the spectacular views of aircrafts flying skillfully over the English Channel.

Alderney – Enjoy French Air

The tiny Alderney will surely attract you with its pleasant climate, rich history, diverse wildlife and tranquil beaches. With its indented cliffs, rugged mountains and lovely sandy bays, it’s a paradise for adventure-lovers.

Don’t forget to visit St. Anne dating from the 15th century with a unique French character, cobbled streets, shops, cafés and inns.

Plus there are Sark, Herm and other islands which will complete your experience, but will leave an urge in you to stay here and work from an island for the rest of your life! So, have you started planning a trip to Channel Islands?

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