Dubai Airbnb – A Desirable Accommodation Option

airbnb DubaiUsing an airbnb when you travel in a place like Dubai can be a budget-friendly and safe option if you are going to stay for longer because you may get a discount and the stay is more personal. Also, you can cook for yourself, wash clothes in a washing machine (just make sure the airbnb has these amenities) and have a friendly chat with the hosts.

When it comes to Dubai, it is one of the five priciest cities in the world for airbnb accommodation according to a recent Bloomberg index. But still airbnbs in Dubai is a popular option – why? It’s because compared to Dubai hotels, charges of airbnb Dubai are more competitive.

A typical airbnb in Dubai offers a much higher quality than that in several other global cities, with amenities that include gyms and swimming pools, transport links, access to shopping, beaches and restaurants.

Also, in Dubai, legally only units in their entirety can be leased as airbnb (although a few shared accommodation units are still present). This too differs from the rest of the world where a room in a home or even a bedspace can be rented. This affects the price and status of Dubai as a pricier option.

Dubai’s tourism department has targeted 20 million tourists by 2020 and several real estate investors has realised that holiday homes yield higher rents. Therefore the number of homes listed on airbnb is likely to grow remarkably in the coming years.

Rather than focusing on the price, an average Dubai traveller should look at the home-away-from-home experience that Dubai airbnbs provide, by offering a better connection to locals and an opportunity to look at the place through the eyes of a resident rather than a tourist.

There is an enormous growth in airbnbs in new parts of Dubai like Jumeirah Village Circle, Sports City, Tecom and Business Bay, Greens and Production City. Pricing is lower and budget-conscious traveller can be accommodated here.

Therefore if you are planning to visit Dubai, consider the option of airbnb, and you can enjoy the destination a lot more than that with a hotel stay.

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