Have a Phone and SIM in Israel and Stay Connected Always

Israeli SIM cardAre you going to travel to Israel from USA or Canada as a traveler or student? Israel is a lovely country with so much to see and do. You can enjoy floating in the Dead Sea, or scuba dive or snorkel in the Red Sea. You can go on a shopping spree in the Carmel Market or visit the Old City of Jerusalem! Don’t miss the mountain fortress of Masada, Ramon Crater, Haifa Baha’I Garden and Yad Vashem! And of course a hearty night out in Tel Aviv, the City That Never Sleeps! Israel is also a leader in education.

But while enjoying all these attractions or studying in Israel, you are going to need one thing on priority – a phone with a SIM card that can work in Israel! And that’s what you can get from Call Israel.

Call Israel offers now a special rate for Birthright travelers in Israel and new ultra-low SIM rates for students in Israel with its SIM card and rental smart phone.

SIM card in Israel


Call Israel, a telecom provider, has structured a new ultra-low mobile phone service in Israel with its sim card and smart phones rental for Taglit Travelers and students in Israel. Same popular UNLIMITED service plan that includes Unlimited Calls and text messages within Israel AND to United States/ Canada, Unlimited 4G LTE data, Unlimited Hot Spot, and also Local American or Canadian phone number, so student and travelers could be reached while in Israel by dialing local free charge number. Students plan starts at 29$, that’s included taxes and all the fees. According to Call Israel management, 3 plans were debuted to cover all student needs, plans are tax and fees included, with a recurring monthly charge, this is a huge saving.

Israeli SIM card


Taglit travelers in Israel will enjoy with the same UNLIMITED plan for only 99 cents a day, with one time activation fee of 10$. The plan could be extended for more than 31 days if needed, without any re activation fee. This is a great news for Taglit travelers as they pay double today with other carriers, and it comes usually on parents’ backs.

SIM card in Israel

Call Israel was the leading provider with an unlimited plan to travelers in Israel, particularly when it’s about unlimited data. Travelers many times don’t have access to wifi, or get the chance to connect wifi only end of their days at the hotel or guest home, for that reason, being able to connect during the day to cellular data is very important. The international calls included in the package is also a big factor, as calling back home is must have. The service is easy to order and to use, click here to reserve your Israeli SIM card. Select the right package and fill up few details, go to check out to finalize. Once finished sit back and relax, the package will be delivered to you in just couple days. To make the whole experience more enjoyable, Call Israel adds to your package some valuables accessories to use in Israel for Free, that includes power adaptor, pin removal, and pre label return envelope to return the package once you get back home. If you need car charger, Call Israel will provide you one at no charge, but you have to return it back.


Israeli SIM card


Taglit travelers can reserve their SIM card in Israel online and get it delivered prior to departure, click here to reserve


A valid student card should be provided to Call Israel to activate these special student plans.



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