Important Things You Should Know while Complaining about Air Travel Problems

Complaints Virgin AtlanticWhen there is something wrong about your air travel, you’d like to lodge a complaint, but wonder if it would get any response. It’s really interesting and useful to see what airlines do when they get complaints. It also throws light on what exactly you should do if you want your complaint to be given attention to.

Airline spokespersons, for example those who handle complaints Virgin Atlantic, say that their goal is to satisfy their customers the first time they call, write or email them. However, there are some mistakes customers should avoid, airlines and travel experts say.

It’s agreed that you’re quite upset about certain things provided by the airlines and are in a mood to reprimand them in harshest words possible. But telling an airline that you’ll never use them again is a common mistake. If you say that, the airline no longer has a motivation to try to win you back.

Another tip is to tell them clearly what you want as compensation. If you don’t ask, there is no reason for them to give you anything. Of course, you should be realistic. Don’t expect to get something in compensation simply for a one-hour delay. But if the airline cancels your flight due to a mechanical issue, makes you miss an important morning meeting, also misplaces your baggage the next day, then you can ask for something, e.g., a free ticket.

The way of handling complaints varies between airlines. Some have phone lines for field complaints and they train employees to resolve issues and compensate customers then and there, whereas most other airlines don’t take complaints by phone, but by fax, mail or e-mail only. Also, once the airline responds to your written complaint, you usually can’t speak to the customer service agent.

Typically, most airlines pay prompt attention to complaints made by top-tier frequent customers, particularly those who spend a lot of money every year with the carrier. Airlines don’t track customers by miles flown but by money spent, and those who spend more get more substantial compensation upon complaints.

However, airlines claim that they hear all the complaints, investigate them and respond in some way, although it may only be a formulaic apology. Most airlines say that complaints are tracked and monthly summary reports are compiled for officials. Many of them say they forward the complaints to the involved employee and supervisors.

The most effective way for airlines is to complaint by e-mail. Emails get scanned electronically in computers, and airlines typically respond faster to emails than to mailed letters.

We hope that the above information will give you some tips regarding how to complain to airlines if you had a problem. Bon voyage!

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