Indochina – When to Go

indochinaThe charm and beauty of Indochina is in the unexpected blend of alluring colonial architecture, romantic pagodas, timeless countryside, the terraced rice fields and colorful market streets. Have you already booked your Vietnam Cambodia Tour or are you interested in exploring Southeast Asia on your own? Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam make a captivating Indochinese cocktail, but there are some things you should keep in mind before heading to your Southeast Asian adventure!

Indochina attracts travelers from all around the globe with  the historical splendor of Angkor Wat, the romantic magic of Laos, the vibrant blend of modern and ancient in Bangkok, as well as the dazzling pace of Saigon. Most tourists  begin their Southeast Asian tour in Thailand then work their way round, but the truth is – all these countries will astonish you with their beauty, atmosphere and enchanting sounds and sights.

In general, there are 2 main seasons in Southeast Asia – the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May to October. Nevertheless, Indochina is a large region with many micro-climates, so regardless when you choose to travel there, you’ll be able to find nice weather somewhere. In March, for example, temperatures begin to rise, but you still can go to the highlands for a refreshing respite.

Some key areas are rather difficult to travel during the rainy season. If you simply have to travel at this time of year, avoid the Andaman Coast (Thailand), but opt for the Gulf of Thailand instead. On the other hand, Koh Samet shouldn’t be your destination of choice if you’re traveling to Indochina in September or October.

In Con Dao Archipelago (Vietnam), you can see turtles nesting in July, August and early September. If, however, you would like to experience Tet, the largest festival in Vietnam, it takes place on the same day as Chinese New Year (late January/ early February). Tet is amazing and fun, but some travelers who don’t enjoy huge crowds and busy public transport should avoid this period.

Broadly speaking, for Hanoi winter months (November to April) are better to visit, because the summer months are usually very hot with regular downpours. Saigon’s wet season is from May to November, while it is especially hot during March to May. So, December to March is probably the best time to visit the beaches of Central Vietnam and Saigon. For Cambodia and Angkor Wat, the weather is drier and cooler from November to February, whereas May to October brings high humidity and brief showers. Laos should be visited from October to March, because the weather is drier and cooler compared to other months.

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