Khao Lak – A Quiet Side of Beautiful Thailand

khao lakThailand, with its breathtaking scenery, astonishing beaches, rich history and friendly people, attracts growing number of visitors each year. For those looking for family-oriented activities, tranquil nights and secluded beaches rather than besotted nights and full moon parties, Khao Lak is surely the perfect destination. Located just 80 km north of Phuket, this Thai town was essentially erased by the tsunami in 2004. Nevertheless, Khao Lak and the tourist industry this place relies on have rebounded.

In general, Khao Lak is approximately 20 kilometer stretch of fabulous beaches along the Andaman Sea coastline dotted with (ever) growing number of resorts and tourists facilities. It is set against a backdrop of mountains covered with jungle and that’s why it is named Khao Lak (Lak Mountain). Lam Ru National Park is worth visiting, too, especially for nature lovers and people seeking to get off the treadmill. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Similan Islands is something you shouldn’t miss once you come to Khao Lak. With Similan diving liveaboard you’ll get the diving experience you were dreaming about!

similan islandsAlthough Phuket’s bigger resort towns might seem glitz and cheesy, they do offer great comfort and shopping tourists are looking for. But, if you choose Khao Lak, you’ll get the best of both worlds: plenty of facilities and quiet coastal destination. If you’re still not satisfied with its privacy, Hat Bang Niang is a place just 2.5 kilometers north of Khao Lak and it presents even quieter version of sandy bliss with fewer people and skinnier beaches.

Khao Lak town is not really eye-catching itself, but it’s a jack pot for those looking to spend their days at the beach or further afield. Its attractions are not flashy, but they are impressive and many! You can find accommodations ranging from basic to luxury, local customs mixed with infrastructure which supports western tourism.  Beautiful unspoiled nature, uncrowded parks, beaches, mountains and roads, as well as easy access to fantastic off-shore diving are waiting for you at Khao Lak! The only thing you have to do is pack your suitcase and get on the plane!

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