Low Cost Carriers – Are They Worth Considering?

vuelingBased on my experience, and I’m a frequent air traveler, people are not really prepared to flying with low cost carriers. I’m not saying they expect too much, but usually they are either uninterested in experimenting with these companies or they hope for a business class experience for a lot less money. In my opinion, both are terribly wrong. Low cost companies are great, but you need to know what you’re going to get. Otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity to fly for less or you’ll be rather disappointed by your flight.

Last night I was trying to get the best deal for my mini vacation in Spain this fall and I have found some great Vueling deals. To my surprise, I realized I have never flied with Vueling and I was reading some comments and reviews left by people who have used their service. Those travelers who knew what to expect from a low-cost carrier were quite satisfied with their travel experience. On the other hand, those who were expecting free meals, a lot of comfort and similar things, were disappointed. The truth is, they would be disappointed with any other low cost carrier.

Does this mean that low cost carriers should be avoided? Well, unless you have a lot of money, no time to waste and don’t have a problem with paying as much as it takes for a first class trip, low cost companies are still worth considering. However, you should check everything regarding the trip before booking your ticket. So, check out the baggage fees and whether there are some hidden costs (and they always are!). I suggest you to simulate ticket booking and to proceed until the very end of the process, of course without paying the ticket, because only then you’ll know what the real cost of your ticket is. Compare it with a regular (high) cost carrier and you’ll realize is it worth cutting on comfort for a difference in two prices. Most of the time, it’s worth it, but check it anyways.

Another important thing, when it comes to ticket costs, is how much in advance you can plan a trip and whether your flight dates are flexible. With standard carriers, you have similar price no matter when you travel and when you book a ticket, while with low cost carriers ticket prices can vary significantly.

Finally, don’t expect luxury, because any luxury has a price tag on it and you’ve paid significantly less for your economy ticket. Low cost carriers may not provide luxurious travel experience, but you’ll be as safe and secure as on any other high-cost plane. Keep that in mind!


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