These are the countries you should NOT travel to this year

dont travelTraveling can be such a fun activity but sadly, not all countries are fit for tourists even though they have beautiful sights and places we can only dream of visiting. Now, some countries are considered high risk but still, people can travel to them. But, other countries are just accidents and mistakes in decisions waiting to happen. Since I want all my readers to be safe and have lots of fun by traveling, I want to mention in this article, which are the countries you should definitely take out of your list of countries to visit before you die as they are a big no-no when it comes to keeping their tourists safe. So when thinking about getting your us travel visa ready, these are countries that might make you stall that.

North Korea

We all know that there is currently lots of tension between the president of the United States and the North Korea dictatorship. Because of this, the US government really encourages their citizens not to travel to this country since they are at a very high risk of getting arrested for no reason and to be detained for a long period of time for no reason as well under their harsh laws. Also, if you are expecting some privacy during a trip to North Korea, you must be high on something as privacy is something that does not exist in this country. Remember, the government of this country just wants to have control over all the thoughts that go through everyone’s mind so, be aware of this.


Many years ago, this country used to be the world traveler’s dream country. But, recent political tensions in Venezuela along with the highest crime rate in the world, have made this country a place that tourist do not want to visit as much anymore. Also, there are shortages when it comes to food, water, medicine and electricity so, if you happen to get sick while traveling to this country, you are in trouble my friend.


This country has been on the list of countries that tourist should not travel to for quite some time now. All over the world people are well aware of the fact that there are wars, suicide bombings and chemical attacks going on basically on a daily basis so, this is a country that you should not even consider traveling to if you want to live a long time.

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