Tips on Exploring a New Place

Some people prefer traveling to a place they already know; they feel safer and they can truly enjoy the moment, spend time with locals and relax. Others are adventure-seekers who want to explore the world or simply to see as much as they can in a short period of time while being in certain city or country. Are you somewhere in between: interested in seeing a new place, yet want to enjoy it to the fullest without being in a rush? If your answer is yes, I have several tips for you.

Travel on Foot. No, I’m not suggesting walking across the Atlantic, but exploring a new place simply by walking (or running). That is a good way to see everything from a totally different perspective. You’ll be able to smell the local food, hear people talking and laughing and, generally, get a vibe of the place you’re in. Chances are, you’ll see and experience something that couldn’t be found in a common guidebook. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to know if there’s any area to avoid before going for a walk.

Talk to the locals. Think about your hometown. You know it rather well, don’t you? Would you be able to recommend the best place to eat certain dishes or street food? Could you give someone tips on where and when to visit certain sight? Hell yes! So, we can agree that the locals are an incredible information source when it comes to their own town, village or area. Talk to them to find out where to eat, drink and go; not only will you get the best advice, but you’ll also be able to feel and see how they think and live their own lives.

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