Tips on Traveling with Skateboard

skateboard travelingAre you considering a summer skate trip but still having many questions about hitting the roads this way? We’ll try to help you in planning your trip and help you organize traveling with regular or electric skateboards.

Skateboards can be quite long and bulky and that makes them tough to fit in standard luggage. Since there are not many companies producing skateboard-specific bags, if you’re a budget rider, a golf bag will be just fine for your 4-wheeled traveling companion. Many people don’t know whether it’s possible to bring a skateboard on a plane with them? Yes, it is. Nevertheless, you need to check airline’s baggage policy before booking your trip in order to avoid hidden baggage fees (which are very common for low cost companies). On the other hand, if you travel by train, you can take as much baggage as you want with no baggage fees. Plus, you’ll be able to chill and watch the scenery go by, which is priceless! When it comes to traveling by car – the key to a good road trip is good company (people who share similar skate and travel styles) and dependable vehicle. Full size vans are undoubtedly the best way to do a road trip, since they provide enough space to stretch out, while still shuttling hills with no problem at all (compared to trucks).

The town/country you’ll visit isn’t the same place where you live, so make sure you’ve checked a navigational program/website to get the feeling what the streets are like. If there is at least one skating park in the town, you’ll surely meet some awesome people who share the same passion as you. If you get along with them, they might show you skateboarding gems that can’t be found by regular tourists.

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