Top 5 Attractions in Pocono Mountains – An Incredible Vacation

Pocono MountainWith lush green mountain slopes, flower-laden valleys and clear lakes, Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA, are heavens for nature lovers and peace-seekers. The spectacular mountains lie in northeastern Pennsylvania and overlook River Delaware and Delaware Water Gap and are bordered by the Wyoming Valley and Lake Wallenpaupack. As such, the list of Pocono Mountains attractions is endless. Here are only a few to evoke the desire to visit this lovely place in you.

1. Bushkill Falls

To view the beauty of Bushkill Falls you have to ascend high up in the Pocono Mountains from where crystal clear water of the waterfall plunges from the cliffs making its way to the Delaware River far down. While running towards the first of the eight falls, Pennell Falls, the stream gains speed and continues through the narrow Laurel Glen and Upper Canyon, and then dramatically drops from a cliff of more than 100 feet height. This is the Main Falls and you should not miss it! So, book one of the beautiful Pocono Mountain rentals and head towards Bushkill Falls.

2. No. 9 Coal Mine & Museum

No. 9 Coal Mine is in Lansford and is the oldest constantly running anthracite coal mine, 1600 feet in the mountainside. Starting from 1855, the mine was closed in 2002 and has been converted into a museum and tourist attraction since then. A walking tour deep inside the mountains and horror stories about the miners are an enthralling experience.

3. Promised Land State Park

Once you set your luggage in one of the rentals in the Poconos, you should plan to head towards the Pocono Plateau, more than 1800 feet above sea level, where you can see the spectacular Promised Land State Park, spread over 3,000 acres of natural wonderland. Surrounded by more than 12,464 acres of Delaware State Forest, with a dense population of beech, oak, maple and hemlock, the park has two picturesque lakes, one of which is a popular starting point to explore the area and has a nice picnic area.

4. Kalahari Waterpark

The amazing African-themed waterpark, Kalahari Waterpark, is housed in Pocono Manor on 10,000-square feet. There are fun and challenging attractions for the entire family here including body boarding, indoor surfing and waterslides.

5. Eckley Miners’ Village

From the mid-1800s to mid-1900s, a bustling center of activity existed in Eckley Miners’ Village. Today its central part contains two churches, a museum, a company store, a sports club and many beautiful houses. You can watch the hardships suffered by miners in a video at the visitors’ center.

And there are so many more! Don’t forget to enjoy the warm hospitality of one of the Pocono Mountain rentals and explore all the beautiful attractions in the area. You will thank yourself for such an incredible vacation!

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