Top 5 Tips You Should Remember before Visiting Australia

AusAnchor text - Australia travel guideWhether it’s lovely beaches and lush green rainforests or super delicious cuisines and worldclass shopping, Australia is full of wonders that entice tourists of any age. But like any other place, this huge island has certain peculiarities that tourists should remember.

While visiting “The Land Down Under”, an Australia travel guide comes in handy and it pays to memorize each of its points to make your vacation memorable.

1. You’ll Need Visa

Except Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or Permanent Residents, all others need a travel visa to enter Australia.

2. No Tipping

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that tipping is not a common practice in Australia. Whether you take the services of a salon, a bar or take a taxi ride, you’re not expected to pay any tip as the staff is already handsomely paid compared to rest of the world. So, you may get weird looks if you try tipping a service provider.

No Tipping in Australia

3. Quarantine

Australian quarantine laws and procedure is notorious for being tedious. Since Australia is segregated from other lands, they have some very special natural flora and fauna exclusively endemic to the country. If something from outside the country gets the entry inside, this natural flora and fauna may become disturbed and imbalanced. This is the reason why Australia is so careful about quarantine. You need to declare any plant, food and animal products which include seeds, feathers, fruits, leathers and any wooden item. There are strict quarantine rules regarding these materials and you have to follow them no matter what. It’s a good idea to study the law before embarking upon your Australia tour.

4. Transportation

Australian transportation system is fantastic. But the modes and the way you can benefit from them are different in different cities. For example, Melbourne offers you Myki card with which you can travel in buses, trams and trains, whereas Sydney offers you an Opal card which useful for catching buses, trams and ferries. Brisbane offers go card and so on. Make sure you know which city offers which transportation options and money- and time-saving schemes so your travel becomes fun.

5. Aussies are Extremely Friendly

The reason for mentioning this is you need not hesitate while asking for help from any Australian person around you. They will help you to the best of their abilities. What’s more, you may get tips from them about hidden entertainment options or eateries. So, make sure you ask them.

Aussies are Extremely Friendly

Make sure you remember and follow these tips to truly enjoy your Australia travel. Happy journey!

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