Top Tips to Save on US Domestic Flights

cheapest air ticketsYou can’t make out every time when there are cheap flights available, especially during holiday season. Sometimes you have to book with an extra price. After all, air travel is one of the most expensive parts of any travel whether domestic or international. In such a scenario, you doubt whether there is any secret behind getting the cheapest US domestic flights. But to your pleasant surprise, yes, there is, rather there are! Let’s see.

Booking 49 Days Beforehand

A combined data of more than 11,000 domestic US flights discovers the optimum number of days beforehand you must book air tickets. Based on these numbers, most air tickets have the sweet spot at around 49 days, i.e. 7 weeks, beforehand.

Book a Bit Earlier than Holidays

The same study has revealed that the optimum reservation time was a bit earlier for peak travel season. E.g. the cheapest flights available around the season of Thanksgiving were 14 weeks or 96 days, in advance.

Book Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays

According to another study, the cheapest days in US to fly are the days less popular among consumers. And seemingly they are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Avoid Fridays or Sundays for Flying

Fridays and Sundays are seemingly popular days for flying amongst US citizens. Here the concept of supply as per demand is applicable. Obviously air tickets are expensive on these days. So, avoid these days if you want to save and choose the above-given less popular days.

Choose Wee Hours or Late Night for Flying

Most people are reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of their beds and go to airport at late night or wee hours, and so, air fare is the cheapest during these hours. If money is a bigger concern for you than sleep, choose flying during these hours.

Particular Time and Day

A particular time and day combined using the above principles for the cheapest air fare are Tuesday 3 pm! You can just check it even though you don’t actually book a flight.

Two One-way Flights rather than a Round-trip

The rule of round-trip being cheaper doesn’t always apply. Instead, booking a one-way flight while going and another one-way flight with a different carrier while returning is actually cheaper.

Avoid Non-stop Flights

Non-stop flights being the most convenient are typically most expensive too. So, if you have no problems with one or more layovers, choose a flight having layovers. This will indeed make a big saving.

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