Why St Thomas Vacation Condo Rentals are the Right Choice when Visiting the Caribbean?

stunning views from St.Thomas condo rentalAre you planning your next vacation to the Caribbean? Where have you planned to be based at? If I were you, I would have preferred St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands; there are so many reasons for that, including the Caribbean’s best beaches, best accommodation especially condo rentals, and a lot of beautiful opportunities for shopping and photography! Here are some.

St. Thomas – a Shopping Heaven

Right since the late 1600s, St. Thomas is known as a shopping heaven. Its Charlotte Amalie was one of the busiest harbors and trading enters in the Caribbean. Today it has become a popular holiday destination in the US Virgin Islands and a preferred port of call among cruise lines. Here you will get all duty-free shopping opportunities. Also the shopping scene is very colorful in the form of street vendors and the Havensight Mall by the dock in the renovated buildings of the old West Indian Company, along with the charming shops in the alleys between the Main Street and the waterfront.

Luxurious Accommodations

St. Thomas is full of luxurious accommodations, resorts and hotels! But the most striking accommodation type here is St Thomas Vacation Condo Rentals Virgin Islands. They have got stunning views of sunset on the islands and topnotch amenities with which you will enjoy the stay. They are so perfectly positioned that you get mind-blowing views of the beaches, cruises, and the most wonderful sunsets!

Photo Opportunities

On St. Thomas and at Charlotte Amalie, you will get numerous photo opportunities from its strategically located restaurants where you can capture some of the best scenes in your camera while sipping a drink. This port has steep hillsides adorned with thick flowering plants studded with bright red rooftops which is a scene worth capturing in your camera. Another beautiful spot is St. Peter Mountain with stunning views with the great banana daiquiris as an added bonus. Still another spot is the Drake’s Seat where you can get a breathtaking panorama of 100 islands. Apart from these terrestrial gems, you have a lot to explore underwater at Coral World.

Beaches and Other Sights

Who can afford to miss the lovely beaches of St. Thomas? No one! Remember to visit Bluebeard’s Beach, Hull Bay, Coki Beach, Morningstar Beach, Vessup Bay, Magens Bay, Limetree Beach and Sapphire Beach.

Other than beaches, you also shouldn’t miss Fort Christian which houses the museum of Indian artifacts dating back to the 17th century. The 1833 St. Thomas Synagogue is also worth visiting. You can also take walking tours to the historic buildings of St. Thomas.

All in all, with a luxurious stay at one of the condo rentals and visiting the lovely sights, you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation at St. Thomas!

stunning views from St.Thomas condo rental

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