ZunZun Day Sailing – The Best Way to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

ZunZun Day SailingThe Caribbean is loaded with islands. But several tourists visit only one at a time; why? A Caribbean vacation typically means flying to a spot and staying there. A little better option is cruising but that offers only the shortest coverage to your places of interest. Using the regional airways for island-hopping is costly and ferry service is usually limited and almost non-existent.

However, there is one great way to see multiple islands in the Caribbean like the Virgin Islands at your own pace, thus enjoying the trip thoroughly – it’s ZunZun Day Sailing! This is a great way to choose destinations you like and bring the costs of your stay down by staying in a room that will move from one island to the other. Here you can enjoy all amenities including play toys, water sports, spa, internet connection, complete navigation, itinerary assistance, handling customs and full provisioning.

So, this is an all Inclusive Day Sailing & Term Charters Virgin Island Sailing Excursions and Vacations departing from St Thomas & St John. They are Floating Health & Wellness Retreats and Family Fun!

They offer the Legendary Jester Sailboat Virgin Islands – over 20 years featuring Day Sailing with BBQ Lunch & Open Bar, Sunset Dinner Cruises and Very Best Snorkeling Spots …

You get various options like Full Private Daysail, 1/2 day Sail, Sunset Sail, & Specialty trips in St. Thomas and St. John. All trips can be adjusted to your schedule and desires.

internet connection on ZunZun day sailing

All islands in the Caribbean have hidden beaches, dive spots, beach bars and sheltered anchorages to allow you to plan an itinerary around. If you want to go beyond one or two islands, head towards destinations having multiple islands within an easy distance of half-day (or even less) sail from each other.

The Caribbean primarily includes the Virgin Islands, the Grenadines and St. Martin/St. Maarten, which is quite near St. Barths, St. Saba, St. Kitts and Nevis as well as Anguilla. Another great destination you can cover is the Bahamas Out Islands, particularly around the Abacos.

When it comes to the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John and St. Thomas are a just stone’s throw from one another and the British Virgin Islands can be easily accessed from either of them (but you’ll require a passport to travel between them).

British Virgin Islands contain a fantastic range of islands, including beach bars, private island resorts, and the Baths, one of the most amazing dive spots in the Caribbean.

What do you think now? Have you been excited enough with the thought of the Caribbean vacation? And have you started planning it?

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