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Zurich insider tipsIf you’re an ardent traveller, you’ve realized by now that just visiting a new place is not the ultimate fun. You can enjoy a new place only when you have collected all the information of that place. The information saves you from unnecessary problems, helps you get the best experience, and lets you have the true fun.

As such the internet is full of information. But won’t it be better if the information you need comes from a source which is located in your destination itself? We have here such a source for Zurich. Yes, if in the near future, you’ll be visiting Zurich and need Zurich insider tips, you’re in luck because you can get them directly from the horse’s mouth, i.e. a person living in Zurich i.e. a Zurich Insider, named Markus, through his website ZurichInsider.com.

Zurich is not only a beautiful city but home to some geniuses including Albert Einstein, Conrad Rontgen and Johanna Spyri. Lake Zurich has attracted celebrities like the tennis ace Roger Federer to build a home on its banks.

Markus is a citizen of Zurich and has lived in this heavenly city for all his life. He loves to help tourists planning to visit Zurich with things he knows about this city. So, the information he shares on his website is 100% genuine and will be of a great help to you to make your trip pleasant and enjoyable. The original language of the website is German. But don’t worry if you can’t understand German. You can easily translate the text into English and even Spanish.

Here are some areas about which Markus shares his valuable tips on Zurich.

Short Tips

First and foremost, you are interested to know how the life in the city is where you’re going for your vacation. How you can access various facilities, transportation, eateries, etc. Markus imparts short tips on visiting Zurich which you should read and remember. He gets you covered in at what time the days in Zurich start on weekdays and on weekends, public transportation, how to save money, the half-fare card which entitles you to get a discount on all public transport, taxis in Zurich, main voltage (220V) Zurich uses, hotels, foods and much more. This is definitely going to make your life easy in Zurich.

Zurich train

Where to Stay in Zurich?

The accommodation in a tourist destination is the key to a comfortable tour. If you have a nice, clean and comfortable accommodation, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. It’s because after roaming around the city for the whole day, we need clean toilets to freshen up and a comfortable sleep to regain the energy for the next day’s sightseeing. If you don’t get these two things, you won’t enjoy the sights no matter how beautiful they are. Markus guides you about the best accommodations in Zurich including in Niederdorf and Lindenhof in Zurich’s Old Town, Zurich West and Seefeld to make your stay utmost comfortable. As a keen traveler, you can easily understand the importance of these recommendations.

Where to Stay in Zurich


PBZ or Pestalozzi Library Zurich is an important feature of the city of Zurich. Not only does this great institution offer books and other media to the locals as well as tourists, but also provide a few important services for which every tourist should access PBZ. These are free Wi-Fi, free workstations and internet stations, free daily newspapers and magazines, and the most important, free toilets. As a bonus, you can get a nice refreshing coffee at almost all the locations of PBZ for a very reasonable price.

PBZ or Pestalozzi Library Zurich

Visit Zurich in 2 Days

Zurich has so many attractions that you can’t finish watching this city even for your life. However, not all of us get ample time to visit a destination. If you’re short of time and want to make the most of Zurich in just 2 days, Markus shows you an excellent way – Visit Zurich in 2 Days! He recommends you to buy the Zurich Card through which you can use public transport free of charge, unlimited for the weekends. It applies even to the surrounding zones of Zurich and also offers you discounts on certain tours and cruises on Lake Zurich free of charge.

Visit Zurich in 2 Days

The idea of visiting Zurich in 2 days is about starting your tour from the city center which you can start at Zurich Central Station if you use the train or you can reach the city center within 10 minutes by train from the airport, the airport station being located in the lower part of the airport which you can reach easily. Under this concept, you can watch world-famous sights like Bahnhofstrasse, Schipfe, Lindenhof, Niederdorf, Grossmünster, Swiss National Museum and many more. You’ll be amazed with the cleanliness, picturesque settings, unmatched culture and pleasant atmosphere of all these regions. Take a refreshing bath at the thermal baths at Thermabald & Spa. When you feel hungry, you can have delicious food in any of the several eateries including the self-service restaurants of Migros or Coop. on the second day, pay a visit to Zurich West, the former industrial district and now the new trendy and hip part of Zurich, take delicious lunch at Beetnut and then visit the spectacular Lake Zurich!

Zurich in 2 Days

7 Mandatory Topics during a Visit to Zurich

If you’re interested in a particular topic/s in Zurich, Markus has you covered there too, by discussing the 7 mandatory topics during a visit to Zurich. These 7 topics are:

  1. Churches
  2. Museums
  3. View from the top of the 871-m high Üetliberg summit
  4. Shopping in the streets of Zurich
  5. Enjoying Swiss food
  6. Walk by the lake
  7. Hiking in the Swiss Alps

By reading this information, you can know almost about the entire Zurich attractions. So, don’t miss reading it.

Lake Zurich

5 Delicious Specialities You Should Try in Zurich

Every place on the earth has its own culture and own culinary specialities. Zurich is no exception. Although it’s not particularly known as a foodie city, there are a few culinary specialities which you can’t afford to miss. Markus lists them. They are:

  1. Rosti
  2. Zuri-Gschnatzlets (veal cut in thin strips in Zurich style)
  3. A bratwurst
  4. The Luxembourgerli
  5. Vermicelles

Reading about these dishes, you won’t have to wonder what to eat in Zurich.

Delicious Specialities You Should Try in Zurich

Living in Zurich

Once you visit Zurich, even as a tourist, it’s hard to resist the temptation of settling down here permanently. The city is so beautiful and the quality of life is so high! Markus provides you the best tips for living in Zurich too. Zurich has a sizeable population of international communities and foreigners, along with having many international schools and internationally oriented churches. Zurich is an extremely comfortable city to live in because of the high quality of life, trust, security and punctuality. If you’re planning to move to Zurich with your family, Markus guides you about the accommodation, schools, language, professional life, shopping, rules, sports, culture, leisure, public transport and overall cost of living here.

Living in Zurich

So, when are you planning your Zurich trip with Markus’s help?

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